Chloé Presents a Dreamy Collection for Spring 2022

Chloé debuts their Spring 2022 collection with unique cuts and sustainable materials.

Watch out world, because she’s done it again. Expanding her debut as creative director, Gabriela Hearst focuses on the environmental and social aspects in Chloé’s artistic and stimulating Spring 2022 collection. Stepping away from the archive, Hearst hones in on holistic emphasis and bohemian influence with contrasting fabrics and asymmetrical cuts.

Delicate embroideries and cut-outs on prairie-like dresses and intricate knitwear with flowing colorful ponchos and fringe detailing are standouts in the collection, clearly showcasing how specific details in a piece can make your whole outfit.

Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the twentieth century, Hearst hopes to bring about a new movement going forward, one that combines creative direction and scientific forces allowing environmentalism and design to work as one successfully.

Dark denim, rich camel-brown and bold hues of yellow and orange contrast against the soft beiges and whites of the rest of the collection, providing that timeless-yet-swanky feel Chloé offers time after time. Whether you long for a relaxing semblance or desire to step out, this collection’s versatility allows you to do both at the same time.


As always, Hearst steps out with the coats, featuring everything from elongated trench coats with two-toned denim and leather, or multi-colored piping on a black background, to collared lightweight blazers and suede zip-ups that are strictly business — but could also work for a showy night out.

Not limiting the details to just the clothing, recycled leather handbags are also adorned with knit detailing and embroidered cut-outs along with denim knee-high boots and chunky leather belts, bringing together trends from past to present.

Continuing her focus on sustainable practice, Hearst designed the collection with lower-impact materials such as organic silk, recycled cashmere and deadstock denim, maintaining her emphasis of environmentalism in fashion and the importance of eco-friendly design practice. 

With a debut year like the one Hearst has had as creative director for Chloé, we can’t help but be even more excited to see what’s to come.

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