With the rise of fast fashion and microtrends, consumerism is at an all-time high. Trends come and go faster than ever before, with many brands mass-producing poor quality garments destined for a landfill, not to mention skimping on fair wages for garment-workers. In this whirlwind of cheap clothing and environmental damage, Chloé’s Creative Director Gabriela Hearst offers a breath of fresh air. 

Hearst’s vision for Chloé’s latest collections focuses on themes of timelessness and environmental consciousness, with hopes that the garments will be “passed on from one generation to the next.” These values are upheld not only in terms of long-lasting, high quality materials like recycled cashmere and hemp denim, but also in the beautifully classic design of the garments. Inspired by former Chloé designer Karl Lagerfeld’s work in The Chloé Archive as well as the “resilience and vulnerability of the natural world,” this new collection emphasises luxury in the feel of each garment as much as the look.

To avoid any mystery around the production of ready-to-wear garments, each of these items features a QR-code that allows you to follow the items journey from the fabric to the finished product. The release includes both new designs and variations on beloved classics, such as details drawn from the iconic Marcie bag incorporated into jewellery, shoes and ready-to-wear clothing.

The collection also features ready-to-wear items with jewellery-inspired elements such as low-impact wool coats and cable-knit sweaters elevated with metal chains, and a sleek bow design adorning the brand new Lacey bag, a nappa leather dress, delicate evening shoes and more. The treasured 2023 Penelope bag returns in new styles aligned with this season’s key elements; suede, shearling, tweed and multicoloured knitted wool, courtesy of Manos del Uruguay, a social enterprise committed to creating jobs in handicraft for rural women.

In bringing to life stunning, timeless designs while partnering with World Fair Trade Organisation-guaranteed social impact groups, Chloé achieves something truly worth the hype: a collection of sustainable items created with a clear intention to do good.

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