Is there anything more New York than Coach?

For the American house’s fall/winter 2024 collection, quintessentially New York iconography took over the runway from head to toe. This homage to the Big Apple was filled with “I Love NY” mugs, mini yellow taxis, Yankees baseball caps, and, of course, red apples seen as accessories throughout the collection. The show, which took place at the James B. Duke mansion on Manhattan’s famed Upper East Side, had some of New York’s finest in attendanceincluding stars like actor Christopher Briney, notable for his roles in The Summer I Turned Pretty and Mean Girls who chatted with VMAN‘s Digital Managing Editor, Kevin Ponce right after the show to get his take on the brand’s latest covet-worthy pieces.

Kevin Ponce: First of all, did you like the show?

Christopher Briney: I thought it was great! It was really cool.

KP: Did you like the show’s soundtrack and ‘Moon River’ being played throughout?

CB: Oh yeah. I mean, come on, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Frank Ocean’s cover [of the track]. There’s a lot of good ‘Moon River’ [covers] out there.

KP: What was your favorite piece from the collection? Any standouts?

CB: There were a lot. I mean, the coats are really good—so wearable, so New York, so up my alley. I’m like, ‘Dude, I’m about to drop money’ (*laughs*). But I love the little taxis. I don’t know if you saw them, but [they were made] as accessories on earrings, on bags and shit. And the bows on the shoes and accessories today? Fire.

KP: YES. Is this your first time at a Coach show?

CB: Yeah, it’s my first Coach show!

KP: Oh amazing! What are your thoughts on your first experience with the brand?

CB: It’s great! I feel like most of the shows I’ve been to are not super New York [in feeling] but this felt very [authentic] in a lot of different ways—we’re in the Upper East Side, and we’re off of Central Park—so I really enjoyed that part.

KP: Are you from New York?

CB: No, I’ve been here for like eight years now, but I’m from Connecticut.

KP: Do you remember your first time ever being in New York City?

CB: As a kid, I remember going to [New York] Yankees games. I’m a Red Sox fan but—

KP: The Red Sox suck, Yankees is where it’s at.

CB: Red Sox…are the best, we’ll fight about this later. But that’s the least New York thing about me, I’m just I’m a big Red Sox fan.

KP: But you’ve at least made it to the stadium in the Bronx to go see them play a few times.

CB: Of course! My dad and I would go every year when I was a kid, so that is probably one of those moments as my earliest experiences.

KP: And I’m sure you’ve eaten the Dippin Dots ice cream out of the baseball caps and all that.

CB: Absolutely. We still have them in our house because I thought they were so cool.

KP: Wait, same! Aside from all that, you’ve just gotten off of the The Summer I Turned Pretty frenzy last summer and fresh from the Mean Girls movie press tour, how are you feeling now that everything’s out and may have some calmer moments in sight?

CB: I’m kind of tired. (*laughs*) No, it’s been really good though. Like, yes, I am tired, that’s not a lie, but it’s cool to be promoting things that you’re proud of, and it’s cool that the world got to see Mean Girls. Now I’m going back to work soon so I’m taking a little time now [for myself].

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