Christopher John Rogers Evokes the Past and the Present in “Collection 009”

The collection includes everything, from bright colors, to neutrals, to patterns.

The new Christopher John Rogers collection, “Collection 009,” is impossible to keep your eyes off of.

Focusing on the relationship between the clothes and the wearer, this womenswear collection evolved based on influences from his childhood and his past — especially growing up in the South in the early aughts. He pulled inspiration from American preppy styles and Southern class, and embraced the ideas of serendipity, research, and intent in the design process. Collection 009 is all about the details, with tucks, pleats, hidden zippers, and even more to explore.

Featuring mostly bright colors, some neutrals, patterns, and solids, the new collection from Christopher John Rogers has everything. It features a wide and all-encompassing color palette: lime green, neon yellow, hot pink, white, black, hot pink, and seagrass green. The set of new clothing consists of mostly formalwear and some business-inspired pieces, and it aims to break boundaries in the fashion world, or “evolve house codes old and new,” according to the press statement.

Some of the most eye-catching pieces include the brightest garments, like the neon yellow suit with several layers, including a yellow polka-dotted shirt that drapes over the pants, a blazer, and an overcoat to finish the look, all in the same shade of yellow. The hand-drawn polka-dots represent the creativity of one’s childhood, but also the need to not be perfect. Other electric looks were the hot pink pencil dress with a unique collar, open chest, and buttons streaming down the front, the hot pink women’s suit with a ruffled shirt underneath that is reminiscent of the 80s, and the ankle-length dress colored seagrass green in the front and grass green in the back, with a sort of cape-like extension draping off of it.

The CFDA 2021 American Womenswear Designer of the Year winner also mastered neutrals in this collection, with another ruffle shirt and pants set, almost transparent but also iridescent, the white gown with a halter top and a textured striped skirt, and an informal white coat, blazer, and pants combination with the same faded rainbow-striped pattern.

Speaking of patterns, Christopher John Rogers created some of the most intricate and gorgeous designs, such as the multicolored floor-length dress with a train that looks like a complete watercolor painting, the eccentric hot pink blazer over the striped shirt and multicolored color block shorts, and the striped pencil sweater dress with long sleeves and cutouts to form spaghetti straps, and every color, from green, to maroon, to orange, to jade green.

This collection aims to navigate “the liminal space between imagination and remembrance, holding both couture-like treatments and the irregular shapes informed by discarded objects with indistinguishable reverence,” offering a wide variety of wardrobe options for every kind of woman, according to the press statement.

Collection 009 is available for pre-order now through Jan. 9 on

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