Chrome Hearts collaborated with Anton Corbijn this Spring to honor his first documentary feature Squaring the Circle (the story of Hipgnosis) with a shirt that characterizes the great artistic vision that is Hipgnosis

Corbijn, a celebrated photographer, creative director, and filmmaker, records with reverence the fascinating history of Hipgnosis, an iconic album art design studio credited for some of the most noteworthy album covers in the music industry. The film follows the story of Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey “Po” Powell, who honed the creative atmosphere that was in the sixties and revolutionized the relationship between design and music. From their beginnings in Cambridge, the duo took off, becoming rock royalty in the seventies, and soaring past mundane expectations with each cover they produced. They reigned over the music industry as respected patriarchs, taking full creative direction on LPs for some of the most iconic bands and singers of the period. From Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Peter Gabriel and Paul McCartney, Hipgnosis had a hand in bringing these artists, among many others, to another level. The story of Hipgnosis writes itself, with Storm and Po leading turbulent lives that toy with themes of money, power, and above all the creation of music.

Courtest of Chrome Hearts

Featuring interviews from some of the most influential members of the rock hall of fame including Roger Waters, David Gilmour & Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Graham Gouldman of 10cc, Novel Gallagher and many more, the detailed documentary gives a holistic picture of their journey, celebrating Storm and Po’s vision and the lasting impact the two had on the industry. Much like the work of these great musicians, the designs and images of Hipgnosis stand the test of time, immortalized on the covers they created. Corbijn captures this timeless story to remind the world of the power of art and the impact it has on history, the way it shapes movements and culture as a whole.

Courtest of Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts celebrates the upcoming release of Corbijn’s film with a new limited edition T-shirt that pays homage to the work of the London design studio. The Black T-shirt is a perfect symbol for the vision Storm and Po strived to implement, incorporating the iconic Pink Floyd album cover for “Dark Side of the Moon” with the classic Chrome Hearts RS-cross motif. The garment will be produced in limited quantities for the friends and family of ‘Squaring the Circle (the story of Hipgnosis), which premieres at the Film Forum in New York on Wednesday, June 7th 2023. 

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