CÎROC and Vivienne Westwood Collab on Collectable Bottle

The bottle debuted at their Paris Fashion Week party.

CÎROC Vodka released a limited-edition bottle featuring artwork by Vivienne Westwood’s creative director, Andreas Kronthaler, to commemorate the brand’s Spring-Summer 2020 Paris runway show. The run of bottles was produced by INKD.

The artwork on the bottle consists of the Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood logo, a love heart, the brand’s iconic orb logo on both the neck and the bottom of the bottle, and, most notably an original 1970 Vivienne Westwood statement graphic in red that reads “Let it Rock.” The graphic has immense significance within the brand; it was first created in 1971 when Vivienne Westwood began designing with Malcolm McLaren. It’s reminiscent of a time when London was the leader in cultural trends. The shop that showcased their designs at 430 Kings Road, London came to be known as “Let it Rock,” when it shifted to 1950s Rock n Roll records and clothing, a refreshing departure from the aesthetics of the time. The slogan and graphic represent the brand’s ingenuity and subversive ethos. 

The artwork is inked directly onto the glass bottle so it appears as vivid and bold as it was intended to. “We’re always seeking new ways to bring innovative and exciting celebratory experiences to our fans, and our collaboration with Vivienne Westwood and INKD is going to do just that,” remarked Natalie Wills, the global head of CÎROC vodka. “We love to collaborate with partners with similar values and just like CÎROC Vivienne Westwood is continually pushing and redefining the meaning of modern luxury.”

You can purchase a bottle on October 1 on INKD


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