While class may (almost) be out, Maison Kitsuné declares school is still in session. So, hike up your skirts and lace up your derbies because things at the Parisian-based fashion house are getting preppy; it’s getting punky, and while that may sound totally disparate, it’s all about the clash this season.

Rugby shirts, varsity jackets, and polos find themselves on the verge between the mischievous edge of the Teddy Girls and the prim and polished way of the Eton Boys. There are argyle knits, pleated shorts, and sumptuous sweater vests. Collegiate stripes clash against magnified checks while garments get stamped with prep-approved insignia (think academia gets an anarchistic twist).

Courtesy of Maison Kitsuné

You get the idea. For the fall, it’s all about balance. Dark-washed Japanese denim and black cotton satin blouson channel the rebellious spirit of the teddy. Meanwhile, a neat pea coat in woolen twill and knitwear in luxurious merino wools and mouline yarns echo the prose of the debonair Eton boy. Depolarizing the two, Maison Kitsuné suggests maybe you can be both.

Courtesy of Maison Kitsuné

Graphic florals and daisy chains spill onto the collection with tongue-in-cheek details and printed jacquards—all reworked through a very Edwardian framework. Leather loafers in lustrous black and black-and-white variations seal the look off with dapper charm.

In a collection steeped with vintage vogues, Maison Kitsuné manages to do what it is famed for by incorporating some contemporary charisma. Take its signature cameo prints. Blurring the lines between past and present, the house mutates the classic DNA of floral prints with the rugged edge of camouflage. Their result? Captivating patterns sure to turn heads in attempt to snag a second glance.

Courtesy of Maison Kitsuné

At the core of the brand’s design ethos is function. Honoring its roots, Maison Kitsuné’s fall/winter 2023 collection features a striped nylon bomber and a cropped, water-repellant puffer to deliver enduring staples to your autumnal wardrobe. While heritage assumes immense value in the house, innovation and evolution also do. Enter The Boogie. Maison Kitsuné’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection marks a special occasion with the debut of the house’s first handbag. Crafted in Italian leather, The Boogie takes shape in a camera bag that flirts with the charm of retro modes. A detachable crossbody strap lets wearers decide how to rock Maison Kitsune’s latest addition.

There’s also the matter of Maison Kitsuné’s logo.

Renewed and overgrown with floral embroidery, the house’s classic sans-serif logo adopts a playful tone to channel the inner wildflower. It’s youthful, refuses to be tamed, and keeps things spicy with a spunky attitude. Much like its logo, the house’s fox head emblem also gets updated. Graphic, linear, and tinged with tonal hues, it—like the rest of the collection—signifies the house’s creative expansion into a new arc.

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