CLOSED Brings Europe to the Coast of California with New Storefront

The German brand opens a new chapter with their first US expansion.

Known for its chic silhouettes, CLOSED is bringing its European flair to the sunny beaches of California. The brand opens its first U.S. location in Culver City California at Platform LA. Located on the west side of Los Angeles, Platform is a community shopping center that brings retail, restaurants, and office space to the surrounding community. The shopping center hopes to be a hub for innovative and emerging brands and welcomes CLOSED as its newest addition.

The store aims to make visitors feel like they’re on vacation as they combine European and Californian aesthetics. The beach is brought inside with bright yellow walls and striped textiles that resemble beach loungers. Hints of Italy are tied into the design with pictures of iconic Italian landmarks covering the walls. The images highlight the brand’s denim, which is handmade in a remarkable country.

CLOSED stocks the new storefront with its denim, ready-to-wear, accessories, and lifestyle products. The brand hopes to follow in the footsteps of its European locations and organize special events, such as personalization workshops and customer experiences.

To celebrate this new chapter, CLOSED invited trending influencers, models, and more to an intimate summer dinner at Margot. Josephine Skivver, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Paris Brosnan, and Rocky Barnes were some of the guests in attendance. Til Nadler, CLOSED Co-Chief Executive, joined guests on a culinary journey inspired by the brand’s German heritage.

The first U.S. storefront is open now at Platform LA.


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