Closed X Philouze Look to Style Beyond Gender

“The wisdom of today’s youth will be the foundation of tomorrow.”

When stylist Michael Philouze and Closed womenswear designer Sophie Lewis met backstage at a Jil Sander show in 1998, the pair never imagined they would end up collaborating. Philouze was working as an assistant for the stylist Joe McKenna, while Lewis was a studio assistant at Sander. A friendship blossomed between the two, and has remained pertinent ever since. Two decades after meeting, Philouze and Lewis met up again in New York City to discuss projects for Closed. During this meeting, Philouze asked Lewis’ daughter” what themes are important to the German youth?” Her answer, “gender-neutrality.” 

From that moment, the Closed X Philouze collection was born. For the Spring/Summer 2022 season, Closed X Philouze present a unisex capsule collection. The 17 piece collection takes values that are important to young people today, such as sustainability and gender-neutrality, and applies them to their design principles. The collection includes every day wardrobe essentials, such as slip dresses, jeans, and tank tops, that are gender-free and have a unique sizing system. All of the featured styles are timeless pieces, and can be worn interchangeably with pieces you already own. 

Sustainability plays a large factor in the identity of the collection. Eco-friendly denim, organic cotton chinos dyed with natural dyes, and recycled nylon jackets play into the sustainable aspects of collection. 

Philouze and Closed look to the unisex fashion from their youth to gain inspiration. Designers, such as Paco Rabanne, experimented with the look back in the 60s. The collection, however, combines looks from the 90s and modern trends to create a multigenerational look. 


Closed X Philouze drops on April 22. Shoppers can find the collection at selected retailers, online retailers, Closed’s storefronts and the Closed website. 


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