CNMI Launches Sustainable Fashion Awards

CNMI reaffirms need for sustainability in fashion to help curb climate change

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI) is going green. On Tuesday, it was announced that CNMI will start hosting a celebration of eco-friendly fashion known as the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022.

This was announced as part of the Milan Climate & Fashion Talks at the Sala Delle Cariatidi in the Palazzo Reale Milano in Milan. The event featured talks about fashion sustainability and how the fashion industry could help limit the effects of climate change.

Carlo Capasa Image courtesy of CNMI

The Sustainable Fashion Awards were initially conceptualized in 2017, and will be fully brought to life next fall. The goal is to “not only with a regard to sustainability in the broadest sense, but also considering inclusion and diversity, in a wide-ranging and varied awareness that helps us overcome all kinds of discrimination,” said Carlo Capasa, the President of National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

To achieve this goal, CNMI will team up with the United Nations Ethical Fashion division. “There is no higher institution than the United Nations to implement and promote sustainable fashion,” said Capasa. They hope to integrate sustainability in the broadest sense and encourage brands to use more eco-friendly practices. Together with the U.N. CNMI launched its first ESG DUe Diligence and Reporting Framework.

Anna Wintour & Renzo Rosso Image courtesy of CNMI

This joint initiative will be led by Simone Cipriani, who is also the head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative within the United Nations. Along with joining forces with the U.N. Capasa was joined by Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala who showed his support. Other notables at the announcement included Anna Wintour, Renzo Rosso, and Alfonso Dolce, along with many others.

CNMI plans to take the next year to plan for the Sustainable Fashion Awards. In December they will announce the jury who will select the winners. And leading up to the event next September, they will organize a sustainable charity gala at the Venice International Film Festival.

Giuseppe Sala & Cristina Tajani Image courtesy of CNMI

The awards will take place on September 25th 2022 at the Teatro alla Scala, a Milan-based opera house. “It is in the direction of a new awareness, capable of listening to every voice,” said Capasa, “that the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Award must become an annual opportunity to verify the state of the art of what crucial and non-postponable issues are – and not only for fashion.”


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