Coach Blends Past and Present With “Coach Forever” Collection

“With Coach Forever, I wanted to find new ways of doing things.”

“Buy it now. Wear it forever.” is the slogan of Coach’s Spring 2021 collection. “Coach Forever” embodies the new wave of fashion that sees wearing last season’s coat not as a faux pas, but as a bold move towards a more ecologically friendly future.

“With Coach Forever, I wanted to find new ways of doing things,” said Stuart Vevers, Coach Creative Director. “It was important to me to challenge how we create our collections, and consider their impact on our communities and the planet. I’m excited to keep exploring that through designing and learning, and to have brought this to life with Juergen [Teller] and our Coach Family.”

Teller is a German fine-art and fashion photographer who brought Coach Forever’s visual presentation to life. The video is supremely star-studded, bringing together all branches of the Coach family. It features celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, Cole Sprouse, and Debbie Harry alongside models, including Kaia Gerber and Kate Moss. The video was shot remotely around the world, and shows each member wearing personalized Coach attire. Vevers and Teller also partnered with singer, songwriter, and producer :3ION to create the music, a track called “Yesterday.”

The collection was manufactured using sustainable methods. Leather was vegetable-tanned and naturally dyed.  Totes are made from recycled materials, fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, and other garments crafted with up-cycled remnants and vintage pieces.

Coach Forever is also introducing a limited-edition collection titled “A Love Letter to New York.” It is entirely crafted by New York City artisans, in honor of the fashion community of the brand’s hometown.

Shop the collection now on Chanel’s website.

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