Coach Enlists Rickey Thompson, Kim Petras and Others In Their Pride Campaign

“We C You.”

NYC-based fashion brand Coach has just launched a new campaign that honors Pride Month. Unveiled earlier this week, the initiative aims to showcase individuals for their true colors, encouraging them to feel worthy and validated regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and highlighting the label’s belief in authentic self-expression and inclusivity.

“We are proud to continue our long-time support of the LGBTQ+ community with a film series celebrating its courageous and optimistic spirit — this month and every month,” Carlos Becil, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Coach said in a press release. “The campaign’s message of inclusivity and authentic self-expression is very important to us, and we were honored to work with creatives from the community to bring it to life.”

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This week, Coach friends and fam like #RickeyThompson and #KimPetras, plus young members of the Hetrick-Martin Institute, will share the moments when they felt truly seen. The series was created in partnership with director, activist and proud queer woman #ChristelledeCastro and filmed via Zoom while participants were in isolation. “If there is anything a queer person knows how to do instinctively—it’s to create family,” she says. “These spots came together after many weeks and many zooms of getting to know each other. What jumps off the screen is not just the feeling of celebration, but a display of our resilience, and our sheer ability to form family and make the best of things, even remotely.” #Pride2020 #CoachNY We believe everyone should feel seen. This year the Coach Foundation has made donations to our longstanding partner @hetrickmartin, and new partners @glsen and @aktcharity. All three organizations create supportive environments where LGBTQ+ young people can thrive. To learn more, visit Video ?s: @kimpetras @bobthedragqueen @therealacejahdae @masamihosono @laurachautin @mazurbate @the_favorite_child13 @siniabraxton @__ochan__ @rickeythompson @narrokh

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To amplify the project’s impact and reach, NYC-based fashion house enlisted LGBTQ+ activists Kim Petras, Rickey Thompson and Bob the Drag Queen to star in the campaign shot remotely (giving full respect to social distancing guidelines) by photographer Christelle de Castro. In the final montage-style video, the stars can be seen doing their makeup, voguing in their apartments and simply enjoying themselves while celebrating Pride in quarantine. “Being gay, I was always afraid of being my true self… back in North Carolina,” Rickey shared in the video. “When I moved to LA, I found home. I can be seen here. I can be the real Rickey T. I can be who I’m proud to be.”

Kim Petras has also opened up about a difficult situation she has encountered in her professional experience. “One of my concerts got protested,” she shared. “And we went outside and we showed them that we aren’t scared and that we’ll stand up for who we are, and that’s when I really felt seen and understood.” 

Along with the Pride-themed collection, Coach has also dropped its first digital Animal Crossing range in collaboration with Nook Street Market. The new offering includes a variety of accessories and garments in a rainbow color palette. As per the video’s ending credits, the Coach Foundation has donated to the Hetrick-Martin Institute, GLSEN and the Albert Kennedy Trust this year in support of Pride.

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