Coach Gives the Gift of “Wonder for All”

The new 2019 Holiday campaign promotes inclusivity and joy for all.

The holidays are time for family—but family doesn’t always mean to the nuclear, blood-related group of people that gather to celebrate festive moments. The definitional breath of family is wide and far-reaching sometimes including co-workers, friends or, in a pinch, even strangers.

And this kind of mentality is perfectly encapsulated in Coach’s 2019 Holiday campaign entitled “Wonder for All.” The short film, one of several in a series campaign written and directed by Bunny Kinney, highlights the campaign’s mission: to promote authentic inclusivity during the holiday season.

Filmed in one of New York’s brownstones, the immersive experience invites viewers into a celebration with several celebrities including model Kate Moss, Spike and Tonya Lee, actress Camila Morrone, rapper Megan Thee Stallion (in her first-ever fashion campaign) and several other notable guests.

Guests mingle around the celebration in an amalgamation of colors and patterns, including the re-imagined iconic Horse and Carriage Collection (as seen on Kate Moss). Under twinkling lights and near the decorated spruce, guests open packages filled with purses. All the while, lyrics from “My Doorbell” by the White Stripes encourages the viewer to welcome warmth and joy into their homes.

Ring the doorbell, join the party and wear the fashionable and iconic Coach prints this holiday season.

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