Coach Unveils Sportswear Capsule Collection Shot by Tyrell Hampton

The campaign stars roller skaters Keon Saghari, Ashley Imani, and Sebeey Chi, and is part of the brand’s Pre-Fall collection.

Today, Coach launches its new athleisure collection, inspired by classic sportswear styles and the house’s free-spirited vein. Creative director Stuart Vevers picks up on the playful narrative of summer memories with friends presented in the Pre-Fall collection – which this capsule set is part of – and introduces a fun, lively ensemble.

Photo by Tyrell Hampton. Courtesy of Coach.

The collection features men’s and women’s styles with retro references, including tees, sweatshirts, windbreakers, shorts, and leggings that carry Coach’s signature “C” logo, also featured as a pattern on the sides of some pieces. The palette is mainly in red, white, green, light blue, and navy and some designs feature a floral pattern with pastel details. 

Another highlight is the “Quilties,” a set of bags inspired by Coach’s archive, presented this time in eye-catching colors like lime green, red, and peach in Nappa leather, while another style features the label’s signature “C” pattern on chambray.

Photo by Tyrell Hampton. Courtesy of Coach.

To channel the campaign’s cheerful energy and movement, Coach tapped Tyrell Hampton, who captured roller skaters Keon Saghari, Ashley Imani, and Sebeey Chi in some of the new capsule’s instant classics. V connected with the photographer – who’s known for his spontaneous and dynamic shots of New York City nightlife and personalities like Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa – to learn more about his methods and what went into this work. Read below:

V MAGAZINE What (or who) are some of your biggest inspirations and influences?

TYRELL HAMPTON Studio 54 and Juergen Teller are my biggest inspirations. 

V What kinds of themes and actions interest you the most when photographing?

TH I adore the moments when my subject don’t even acknowledge my presence and the ones that most people find “unattractive” or “ugly.”

V How does your background as a dancer influence your work?

TH I’m a dancer first and foremost so movement plays a big part in what I look for and how I take images. I love catching my subjects in motion. I also take all my pictures in a straddle.

V As part of a generation that grew up online, how is it for you to truly capture a candid moment – especially when parts of the digital environment tend to feel so curated and filtered?

TH I’ve always appreciated genuine happiness and the easiest way for me to get that is by making an experience for my subject and I.

Photo by Tyrell Hampton. Courtesy of Coach.

V How do you make your subjects “forget” they’re in front of a camera and be their most authentic?

TH Usually I start a conversation with my subjects or tell them to talk amongst themselves and throughout the conversation people tend to let their guard down and relax.

V What excited you the most about working with Coach for this campaign?

TH I was really fortunate to photograph people who have a similar relationship to dance like me.

V The Coach campaign photos channel ideas like movement, joy, freedom, youth… What were some of your inspirations for this work?

TH Most of my inspiration came from images I found of ‘70s roller rinks. 

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