“To blend their vivid storytelling and color with our own American heritage design language and craftsmanship was really inspiring,” explains Coach’s Creative Director Stuart Vevers, when speaking about the house’s latest collection titled ‘Coach x Observed by Us’a collaboration with the brand founded by actor Kirsten Dunst and designer and illustrator Jessica Herschko, which centers around an essence of playfulness and imagination in everyday life.

Vevers and the duo behind Observed by Us drew inspiration from Dunst’s personal wardrobe, crafting a lineup full of pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia and youthfulness, and serve as a nod to classic American styles like hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, and floral dresses for a collection filled with ready-to-wear items, accessories, shoes, and bags that seamlessly merge the collaborators’ creative visions.

The collection is grounded in saturated versions of Coach’s heritage colors, with key pieces such as a straw hat, overalls, and a wool pointelle crop top, all featuring hand-drawn illustrations by Herschko. Further highlighting the theme of wonder in everyday things, the new items also have Coach’s signature story patches. Handwritten by Herschko herself, the patches go along with her illustrations and explain the stories behind the motifs and characters shown on each piece such as the strawberries, dinosaurs, and sailboat embroidered on the Swinger bag.

Photography by Matthew Yoscary | Courtesy of Coach

For the stylish adult and the child in their heart, the Coach x Observed by Us collaboration collection is available now at Coach.com.

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