Issues that are no strangers to the fashion industry are being put on display at Collina Strada. The Spring/Summer 2024 show took place at the Brooklyn Grange at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Friday, September 8th. With a diverse cast of characters, the brand was able to put on a smile whilst diving into two of today’s pressing concerns; climate change and human rights. Creative Director Hillary Taymour presented the idea that while the world consistently burns and reproductive, trans, and general human rights are under threat, we neglect these issues and paint over them with a quirky smile.

Earth is appreciated throughout the collection as well as powerful and dark feminine energy. The collection features functional and fashionable corsetry that is adorned with diaphanous details and voluptuous silhouettes.

An enchanting musical number was blasted through the roof of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where the first model began twirling a ballerina pink ribbon before officially starting the show. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was exuded through the looks and the starry night scene. Delicate florals and lace, paired with fun Spring plaids were splattered along the runway, which was adorned with a 3D fungi/succulent-esque garden. Fairytale fabrics and shades consisting of silky watercolor hues were fit to match an eco-friendly Nature Nymph’s wardrobe.

Closing out the show was an exuberant performance by King Princess wailing “I don’t wanna live like that”- who also modeled a seductive black lace dark-fairy dress seconds prior.

Image Courtesy of Collina Strada

Models of every shape, shade, and sexual orientation were presented in the new collection, further illuminating Taymour’s power of representation and ability to create a whimsical dream.

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