Collina Strada is The Realest Sustainable Housewife For FW22

The New York label stays true to its streak of humor through a reality show spoof to show that while re-inventive and socially aware of the exterior, they can always look back inwards.

An exclusive fashion internship seemed to be the newfound American dream for those who grew up watching The Hills, Gossip Girl, or any show that falls under the MTV and Bravo channel bubble. To be surrounded by the bustling of hair and makeup, models who refuse to be around the presence of deli-cut meats, and getting your own bedazzled brand-named metal water-flask to clank down Canal Street. It’s true luxury. 

Tommy Dorfman is the stand-in for this fantasy in The Collinas, the reality show documenting her journey from L.A. to getting an internship at Collina Strada. Directed by Charlie Engman, The Collinas documents all of her failures so that the next generation cannot make the same mistake. She tries to take pictures of Jazzelle Zanaughtti, she eats pastrami at a table reserved for raw vegans, and she forgets to fill her water-flask at the coffee shop, all tasks that even the most “unsustainable” person would not forget. But even through all of this, the models who seem to resent her lack of environmental awareness cannot forget one thing: they are obsessed with her looks. 

This season, creative director Hillary Taymour illustrated a collection that transitioned from last season’s whimsical, inclusive playfulness into a documentary of self-awareness. Layered-pleats and mesh, studded belts, wicker tote bags, and crushed velvet coats frolic around the studio as Tommy tries to command herself around a room that does not accept her presence. Models like Aaron Philip, Indira, Angel Prost, twins Mannat and Sirat Kaur, and Marni Creative Director Francesco Risso flitter in and out in each scene in vibrant pinks, blues, and lime greens, even if only seen in the corner of the room. 

With a flair of ’08 embodied through Fingerless gloves, charmed anklets, and “raccoon” striped hair bring an air of what might have been missing as Collina Strada traverses through the high fashion landscape: Emos never actually called themselves “emo,” so should a sustainable brand actually dub themself as a “sustainable brand?”




See below to watch The Collinas

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