Colombian Superstar Maluma To Receive Spirit of Hope Award at the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards

The singer and songwriter wins the Spirit of Hope Award for his philanthropic work

Maluma’s rise to fame is no simple feat. The singer and songwriter has not only managed to accrue a substantial social media following and high viewer count on his music videos (he’s reached 56M views on one youtube video alone), he’s also managed to do it all without even realizing it. 

But his success goes far beyond that of statistical evidence. Maluma, aka Juan Luis Londoño Arias has a plethora of impressive feats that have successfully seeped into his exploration of music genres. Fast forward to today, and notice his adoring fans from all over the world who recognize him for his ability to create music that’s not only catchy, but also for his ability to give back to his community and people. 

This is why for this year’s 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards, the singer and songwriter will receive a Billboard Spirit of Hope Award. According to Billboard, the artist will be honored “for his commitment and altruistic efforts surrounding his foundation founded in 2016 El Arte de los Sueños (The Art of Dreams), which supports nearly 170 young individuals at risk of accomplishing their dreams”.

The award goes as far back as 20 years, with artists such as Carlos Santana and Ricky Martin receiving the honor for their charitable work. It was created in honor of Selena, the iconic Mexican superstar who rocked the 90’s.

You can catch the award ceremony on live TV via Telemundo at 7 p.m. ET on October 21. 


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