Color Therapy: Purple

How colors exhibit moods within fashion.

Colors can illustrate an array of meanings within our lives. From vermillion to indigo, every hue radiates a complex energy source that can influence our personality traits.

Alyson Charles, officially known as Rock-Star Shaman, spoke with VMAN about the correlation between colors and moods. As a shaman practitioner, Charles utilizes colors as a healing tactic, incorporating the seven chakras and their affiliated tones into her teachings.

“Changing [the] color of what we’re wearing can absolutely exude a whole different energetic imprint out into the world and to ourselves,” Charles told VMAN. “There are a lot of different spiritual practices and healing methods that you can go to to try and get back into alignment, and working with the power of colors is one of them.”

Here, VMAN explores the symbolism of purple within fashion.

When you think of purple, the term “royalty” usually comes to mind. Purple embodies sophistication and an aura of wisdom; those who wear purple are intuitive, independent beings. In regards to spirituality, purple alludes to the “Third Eye”—  the chakra related to our highest self. “At the heart of spirituality, we all embody a really powerful, magnificent, regal essence within us, and purple can really bring that out,” Charles said.

View the color purple from various Fall/Winter 2020 collections below:

Acne Studios
Emilio Pucci
Issey Miyake
Ludovic De Saint Sernin
Marco de Vincenzo
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