Embedded within the lip is the age-old war between color and care. On one side, you have the highly coveted color. Let’s face it. Who can resist the allure of juicy Watermelon and rouge hues? After all, whether heart-shaped, full, or down-turned, the lip’s best friend is the color that defines its shape.

Be that as it may, inextricable from the idea of colored lips is its immediate association with the waxy, crusty, and cracked aftermath following the thrill of matching your pout with your ‘fit. When lip color can often leave your lips feeling so rough that they make sandpaper seem satiny, picking your side and sticking with it can be an arduous choice.

Courtesy of Tata Harper

Tata Harper understands the struggle. That’s why it’s proposed to cease the divide and bring forth one buttery armistice. A collection of velvety balms bursting with color, Lip Crèmes emerges on the scene with a smacking dose of 12 antioxidant-rich superfruit oils. With what the beauty pioneer dubs three-in-one technology, Lip Crèmes aim to revive deflated lips with cushiony hydration. Vegan, cruelty-free, and hand-made, Tata Harper’s latest collection seals the deal with delectable scents.

These tinted balms come in a selection of five different shades: Bubbly, Blasé, Juicy, Risqué, and Bare—for those who prefer to go au naturel.

What’s so unique about a tinted lip balm?

Well, it’s not exactly what it is, but more so what it’s made of. This is where it gets technical. Within its three-part hydration system is a blend of pomegranate phytosterols and phytosterol esters. In English, these ingredients quench the skin and repair damage from within. If you’re looking for volume, it might be worth a second glance considering its ability to hold more than double its weight in water. Then, there’s its water circulation technology. Using a halophyte succulent marsh samphire, hydration gets locked and loaded, making lips supple to the touch.

Courtesy of Tata Harper

And who could forget its moisture-locking omega blend? Where four superfruits—strawberry seed, cherry kernel, blackcurrant seed, and pomegranate seed oil—collide, cell regeneration gets stimulated to prevent them from losing key moisture.

You’ve also got an antioxidant superfruit complex at play that protects the pout with a shield of vitamins C and E that fights free radicals and aging—all locked in with an antioxidant-enhancing ferulic acid. There’s blackberry seed, dragon fruit seed, elderberry, plum, açai, apricot kernel—you get the idea.

In a whirl of concentrated raw ingredients, complex chemistry that touts a natural preservative system, and a global scour for quality ingredients, Tata Harper is not about extravagant bottles or celebrity endorsements. On the flip side, it’s all about what’s inside.

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