Colorado to Crack down on What Makes Vapes Deadly

We now know vapes are dangerous, but Colorado wants to know why.

We’ve all read the scary headlines about the increasing number of hospitalizations linked to vape use, and collectively thrown our Juuls away (or are trying to, at least). Certain states have been quick to ban the sale of vape products since then, and the Center for Disease Control has advised people to cease vaping products that contain THC oil, which has been linked to many of the cases.

Colorado, ever at the forefront of progressive policy, has decided to study why these products are making people sick, rather than simply ban the catalyst which, as we all know, probably won’t do much to discourage the use of vapes. An article in theĀ Denver Post revealed that Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division is getting closer to announcing a ban on certain additives in marijuana vaping products like Vitamin E acetate, which has often been linked to the illnesses. Their approach is to inform people about what they’re choosing to smoke, rather than ban vaping altogether. With the information available, people can then make their own choices. With stricter regulations instead of an outright ban, there will be better testing in place to make sure the products do not have the additives, and do recalls whenever there is a need for them.

The lesson here is that regulating is more likely to create a safer environment than just bans. In the meantime, Colorado’s proposed law, if approved, is set to go into effect on January 1st.

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