Colorful and Cozy Hoodies for Spring

Liven up your layers with hoodies from Pangaia, Balmain, and more.

Spring is in sight, but there’s still a chill in the air. A comfortable and stylish hoodie is a must-have for this season, and these hoodies definitely meet that criteria. They’re cozy enough for quarantine and quirky enough to draw some admiring looks, whether from colleagues on Zoom or from passersby on the street.

1. Pangaia Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Hoodie

With this hoodie, what you see is what you get – literally. The text across the front reads: “THIS HOODIE IS MADE FROM A RECYCLED AND ORGANIC COTTON MIX.” Pangaia’s commitment to sustainability shows in their choice of materials and the environmentally friendly dyes they use to create the wide range of colors in which the hoodie is available.

Shop the Heavyweight Recycled Cotton Hoodie for $150 here.

2. Brain Dead Lovebond Hoodie

The creative collective behind Brain Dead is always at the forefront of graphic design. Taking inspiration from comics and skateboarding, their designs are off-kilter and playful. This embroidered hoodie with a kangaroo pouch stands out for its compelling color scheme.

Shop the Lovebond Hoodie for $140 here.

3. Coach x Champion Sweatshirt

This one’s pretty straightforward: two iconic brands collaborate on a sweatshirt that becomes an instant classic.

Shop the Coach x Champion Sweatshirt for $225 here.

4. Chinatown Market x GD Grasp on Death Hoody


Streetwear brand Chinatown Market has collaborated with The Grateful Dead for this sweatshirt featuring the band’s instantly recognizable dancing bear graphic. Perfect for those looking to show off their love of streetwear and jam bands simultaneously.

Shop the Chinatown Market x GD Grasp on Death Hoodie for $135 here.

5. Balmain Lavender Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt 

An Easter egg color palette and retro-style logo make this Balmain hoodie perfect for layering in springtime.

Shop the Lavender Cotton Hooded Sweatshirt with multicolor Balmain logo for $950 here.

6. Comme de Garçons SHIRT Logo-Print Colour-Block Loopback Cotton-Jersey Hoodie

Muted spring tones are the highlight on this colorful, lightweight hoodie by Comme de Garçons.

Shop the Logo-Print Colour-Block Loopback Cotton-Jersey Hoodie for $310 here.

7. Off-White “OFFF” Hoodie 

Featuring a graffiti-style “OFFF” graphic print on the back, this hoodie nods to hip-hop culture. On its front is the brand’s signature “Off” Logo.

Shop the “OFFF” Hoodie for $565 here.

8. Sporty & Rich Big Apple Hoodie

Sporty and Rich emphasizes wellness with beautifully designed athletic wear that references invented athletic organizations. Identify yourself as a proud member of the Sporty and Rich Runner’s Club by throwing on this hoodie for your chilly morning jog.

Shop the Big Apple Hoodie for $169 here.

9. Valentino Hooded Sweatshirt with VLTN Times Multicolor Print

A celebration of logomania in rainbow gradient makes this hooded sweatshirt immediately eye-catching. Made of comfy cotton, this item is a part of Valentino’s logo-centric VLTN collection.

Shop the Hooded Sweatshirt with VLTN Times Multicolor Print for $1,550 here.

10. GIVENCHY Motel Embroidered Hoodie

Less like a typical hoodie and more like wearable art, this gorgeous motel design is embroidered in thread and multicolored beads. It’s nothing short of stunning.

Shop the Motel Embroidered Hoodie for $2,295 here.


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