Colorful Eyeliners to Brighten-Up Your Glam

Say hello to spring with these vibrant, all-day shades.

Playing with your spring wardrobe is one thing, but playing with your spring makeup brings on an entirely new level of sunshine-fueled giddiness. Pops of color in your wardrobe reflected back on your face make spring just as fun and bubbly as it is, a season where the sunshine creeps back in, the warmth returns to your cheeks and the playful, whimsical colored eyeliner returns to your complexion.

Whether you’re centering your spring wardrobe around pastel blues and pinks, vivid oranges and yellows, or just want to add a splash of vibrancy to your go-to monochrome neutral outfits, we’ve got the eyeliners you need this season

1. Dior Diorshow On Stage Liner 

Image via Dior

Dior’s limited edition colorful eyeliner seamlessly flows from the runway to your every day. In bright matte pastel orange, this vivid liquid eyeliner is a quintessential spring color, with a felt tip giving 24-hour wear and easy precision.

Shop the Diorshow On Stage Liner for $31 here.

2. Fenty Beauty Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner

Image via Fenty Beauty

What’s life without a little bit of color? Rihanna’s creamy formula comes in 20 colorful pigments, all with water and smudge-resistant formulas. With matte, shimmer, metallic, and glitter finishes, these are easy for any look, and the possibilities are endless.

Shop the Flypencil for $22 here.

3. NYX Cosmetics Vivid Brights Liner

Image via NYX

A staple in beauty, NYX’s colorful liquid eyeliner has earned its reputation over the years. Known for its extreme pigment and long-wear, this eyeliner is perfect for creating graphic looks or small designs around the eyelid, with a precise, thin brush that comes in 8 eye-popping shades.

Shop the Vivid Brights Liner for $7 here.

4. Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner

Image via Marc Jacobs

Color on another level, Marc Jacobs’ gel eye crayon is a bold beauty essential in a breakthrough formula. Highly pigmented and waterproof, the smooth pencil is like a pot of gel eyeliner encased in a crayon, with a built-in sharpener and 20 vibrant shades to make the most of your look.

Shop the Highliner for $26 here.

5. Freck Beauty Lid Lick

Image via Freck Beauty

Smooth as butter and colorful as a rainbow, Freck Beauty’s Lid Lick is a razorsharp, all-day eyeliner. In 4 shades perfect for springtime—butter yellow, sage green, muted blue and dreamy lilac—nothing welcomes back the sunshine, the beauty of nature, the greenery of rebirth like Freck’s ultra-vivid shades.

Shop the Lid Lick for $16 here.

6. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Image via Urban Decay

An award-winning waterproof eye pencil, Urban Decay’s super creamy, intense formula is undeniably perfect for creating bold looks this spring. With an expansive range of colorful shades, this eyeliner pencil is soft enough for blending before drying to a long-lasting finish, with a pencil-like point.

Shop the Glide-On Eye Pencil for $22 here.

7. Haus Labs Eye-Dentify Gel Pencil Eyeliner

Image via Haus Labs

Packed with saturated color and smooth formula, each of the 20 shades of Lady Gaga’s gel eyeliner are vivid, vibrant and completely reminiscent of warm sunshine. A sharpenable tip and no-smudge formula allow the most intricate of eye looks to be created, while shimmer, matte and metallic finishes add new dimensions to your look.

Shop the Eye-Dentify Pencil Eyeliner for $18 here.

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