Comme de Garçons Fall Winter 2021 Show

The Japanese brand goes black and white for their exaggerated fall/winter looks

The avant garde brand pushes their boundaries in their Fall/Winter collection with a purely black and white color scheme. This collection shows that while Comme de Garçons might have blown up even more since the 2017 Met Gala honoring the brand, creative director Rei Kawakubo knows how far out there to take her work.

The 20 piece collection includes circle shapes for silhouettes, an array of top hats, ruffles, striking patterns, and skirts that only Comme de Garçons can get away with.

Highlights of the collection includes an exaggerated black skirt that is bubble-like while flat in the front, black circle top with sleeves, and a black top hat with white fabric that almost looks like spider webs. Another highlight includes a look reminiscent of David Bowie’s Pierrot inspired costume from the “Ashes to Ashes” music video, with massive proportions on the thighs, chest, and shoulders and black patterns on white fabric, a black top hat and a black collar. The final look in the collection has a black top hat with only the sides painted white, a massive black skirt with tulle almost creating movement by the torso, and black and white braided fabrics on the sides.

Other pieces in the collection include checkered and polka dot leggings, ruffles everywhere, exaggerated overcoats, masses of tulle, and top hats that are either extremely long or extremely distressed that accompanied the rest of the looks. The collection is able to go far out in any direction Kawakubo wants because the color scheme allows for louder shapes and proportions while they are also easy to understand.

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