Composed, and Timeless: Fear of God Unveils Their Essentials Fall ’22 Collection

Foreshadowing their August 24th release date, the label boasts their latest vibrant but civilized color palette for “Essentials” collection.

Headed by American fashion connoisseur and sneaker designer Jerry Lorenzo, Fear of God’s contemporary design house introduces the lookbook for their upcoming Fall 2022  Essentials collection. Born from the elegant, relaxed, and timeless spirit of Fear of God, the label offers foundational wardrobe solutions for all. The archetypal collection is set to be released exclusively at Fear of God on August 24th.

With an emphasis on vibrant yet tasteful shapes and perennially sophisticated silhouettes, the Fear of God team boasts their new color palette for their latest collection. Eluded as the Essentials universe, the label layered and evolved propositions regarding the modern canon of American style.

Cementing his independent creative identity, Jerry Lorenzo promotes a modern twist on the tenets of quality, inclusivity, and accessibility through the lens of new American luxury. With a prominent history of working with athletes like Matt Kemp (Dodgers) and celebrities Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Kendall Jenner, Lorenzo intersects his knowledge of sports with fashion, translating his media image and understanding of men’s styling through his label.

View the full lookbook here.

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