Conan Gray Takes Us On a Journey With “Astronomy”

The new single and video tell the tale of a love gone wrong

Conan Gray decided to switch things up a bit earlier this year with the release of “Overdrive,” a stadium banger that would befit the Super Bowl. But things take a much quieter turn with the release of his newest single, “Astronomy.”

“Astronomy” is a bare bones track that relies on simple strings and melodies with an almost country twang to it, for extra emotional heft. The song is a soft ballad that talks about Gray in a relationship that should be perfect but doesn’t last, detailing where and how it breaks down as the two realize they don’t have much in common. The lyric, “As much as it seems like you own my heart/ It’s astronomy, we’re two worlds apart” encapsulates that meaning as he continues to assert that there’s nothing left to salvage.

Now take that down beat from the song and stick with it, because there’s a music video, too. The video is just as simple, featuring no one other than Gray and an imaginary partner, played by the viewer (through the magic of a handheld camera and point of view). The first half of the video is the idyllic phase, showing the happier memories Gray had with this person, picnicking in the woods, waking up next to each other. But it all starts unravelling as Gray gets emotional and starts singing about the end, tearing apart the house they were in, singing even more emotionally, with a wind machine presumably on overtime doing its job to amp things up.

“Astronomy” is the second solo Conan Gray single to arrive this year, both following the massive success of his debut studio album, Kid Krow, from the early quarantine era. We don’t know yet whether these singles are standalones or will be part of a second album. Till then, you can stream “Astronomy” below:

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