Concept 009: Thom Browne at Nordstrom

More than just suits, Thom Browne showcases his sporty aesthetic.

With his suit expertise, Thom Browne is taking his talents to Nordstrom. The partnership introduces Concept 009, a celebration of menswear featuring thirty exclusive styles. The product offering includes a mix of ready-to-wear, lifestyle pieces, and accessories curated with an athletic aesthetic and Thom Browne’s individuality in mind.

Being the ninth iteration the department store has produced, there was discussion about what this collaboration could bring to the table. Thom Browne expressed, “I feel like collaborations are getting a little overdone, and the only times I ever even entertain the idea of collaboration is if it’s something that’s really interesting to me—and I think, in turn, interesting to the customer. So, for me it stands out in that it really is not a traditional collaboration; it’s a collaboration at a level that is a lot more intellectual and not purely commercial. The approach to this collaboration is done well and intelligently. It really elevates the collections within Nordstrom stores.”

With this knowledge in mind, the campaign for Concept 009 takes on a unique perspective as models are seen working out in the locker room wearing traditional suits, ties, sweaters, and bucket hats. The dichotomy conveyed within the campaign is an important part of Browne’s designs as well as the ‘true university’ color palette. Playful reds and classic navy highlight the product with shades of grey and white. The collection offers an exclusive yoga-mat and shower slides in-tune with the inspiration of varsity athletics. 

Concept 009 was curated by VP of Men’s Fashion Sam Lobban, who has continued to grow through each New Concept launch. As two classic American brands, Sam Lobban showed enthusiasm about his latest project. “What we are excited to discover with Thom Browne is how the concept of “suiting” continues to evolve in the eyes of consumers. We have seen so many iterations of it on the runway and now we’re bringing a concept that combines traditional as well as unconventional tailoring to our broader customer base.”

Concept 009 is available now exclusively at New Concepts at Nordstrom Men’s and ranges from $80 to $1,790 USD. Head to the locker room, down below.


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