Converse Unveils Millie Bobby Brown Collaboration

If you needed the perfect footwear for a Stranger Things binge, “Millie By You” is coming this week.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is the latest to collaborate with Converse. The result? With the brand, she’s created “Millie By You.” The actress is the most recent and youngest personality to collaborate with Converse, and she used the classic Chuck Taylor-style shoes as a template for her designs. Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram to announce that her collaborative collection will become available online on July 11. 

The young actress drew from her passion of the ocean to create an acquatically inspired collection. The “Millie By You” line features Orca whales and aquatic graphics in a range of summery hues. The shoes will be available in both high-top and low-top styles, and can be customized using a range of 10 different colors. Millie Bobby Brown has already made her mark on the world, but continues to do so with her own personal logo imprinted in the soles of every shoe. 

While you wait for the line to drop, take a look at some of the designs and maybe draw some creative inspiration for the design of your customizable pair of Chucks.

Image via Instagram / @converse
Image via Instagram / @milliebobbybrown
Image via Instagram / @converse
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