Cool Bedding to Sleep in as Temperatures Rise

Cool Bedding to Sleep in as Temperatures Rise

Cool Bedding to Sleep in as Temperatures Rise

Sleeping in the summer doesn't need to be a struggle.

Sleeping in the summer doesn't need to be a struggle.

Text: Siena Ballotta Garman

There are few things more uncomfortable than trying to fall asleep in a hot bedroom. Let's be honest – the one-leg-outside-the-blanket idea never really works, and falling asleep to the sound of a loud AC unit can be tough, too. Luckily, your sheets don't have to feel like a suffocating weight. There are plenty of cooling choices for blissful sleep, even as the nights get hotter. From linen, to bamboo, to eucalyptus options, we've gathered some sheets you won't be sweating through.

Parachute Linen Sheet Set

Linen sheets are notoriously light and cooling, and Parachute makes some of the best in their family-owned factory in Portugal. With each good night's sleep, the European flax linen only gets softer.

Shop the Linen Sheet Set for $149-$189 here.

Slumber Cloud Essential Sheet Set

Blending cotton with temperature-regulating technology approved by NASA, these sheets achieve a more substantive feel without blocking your airflow. They store and release heat as needed, making them perfect for year-round use.

Shop the Essential Sheet Set for $179-$224 here.

brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

These sheets have a cult following, and for good reason: they bring the luxury of a hotel room into your very own bedroom at home. The breathable 270 thread count makes them ideal for hot sleepers.

Shop the Classic Core Sheet Set for $98.10-$161.10 here.

Buffy Soft Hemp Linen Sheets

Soft and durable hemp fiber lends its cooling properties to these linen sheets, which are designed with the planet in mind and use only natural dyes.

Shop the Soft Hemp Linen Sheets for $224.10-$251.10 here.

Sijo Eucalyptus Sheet Set

TENCEL™ lyocell sheets are renowned for their cooling magic. What's more, they're anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, keeping your bed clean and fresh all the way through allergy season.

Shop the Eucalyptus Sheet Set for $95-$115 here.

ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set

100% bamboo fabric in a breathable weave makes these sheets both cooling and sustainable. They're just as smooth as silk.

Shop the Signature Sateen Sheet Set for $138-$198 here.

Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale™ Sheets

These lightweight, crinkled sheets provide style and comfort that lasts all year long.

Shop the Organic Crinkled Percale™ Sheets for $38-$248 here.

Anthropologie Moderna Linen Sheet Set

Thermoregulating European flax linen makes these sheets adapt to your temperature needs. The adorable cross-stitched border is the perfect elevating touch.

Shop the Moderna Linen Sheet Set for $58-$258 here.

Credits: Photos courtesy of brands


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