Cooling Centers In NYC To Retreat During This Week’s Searing Heat Wave

Keep safe and cool as temperatures rise in New York

Uncap that fire hydrant and let it rain cause it’s officially that time of year. New York’s notorious heat wave is back and showing no mercy. With the heat index approaching 100 degrees for several days this week, the National Weather Service has implemented a heat advisory through Wednesday evening. Since it is not 1896 anymore, and believe it or not, technology has advanced, the capability of staying cool during this time is vast.

Public libraries, community facilities, and senior centers are volunteering themselves as cooling centers throughout the week, giving New Yorker’s the opportunity to observe others suffering under the sweltering heat from inside a pleasant and refreshing space. Just kidding. But really, the city has unveiled hundreds of cooling centers expanding across the five boroughs.

If you currently reside in Manhattan, we’ve complied a cheat sheet for cooling locations near you below. If not, feel encouraged to take advantage of NYC’s Cooling Map.

Step One: Click on the Interactive Map here.

Step Two: Type in your zip code.

Step Three: Babam. Now you are connected to all the cooling centers near you.

Side Note: Petco recently announced a partnership with the city to open up their store to allow any vulnerable pets a rejuvenating retreat during these soaring temperatures.

Mulberry Street Library
10 Jersey St, Manhattan, NY 10012

Hudson Park Library
66 Leroy St, Manhattan, NY 10014

Ottendorfer Library
135 2 Av, Manhattan, NY 10003

Jefferson Market Library
425 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan, NY 10011

New Amsterdam Branch Library
9 Murray St, Manhattan, NY 10007

Epiphany Library
228 E 23 St, Manhattan, NY 10010

Tompkins Square Library
331 E 10 St, Manhattan, NY 10009

605 FDR Drive, Manhattan, NY 10002

Two Bridges Community Center
286 South St., Manhattan, NY 10002

Battery Park City Library
175 North End Ave, Manhattan, NY 10282

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