In a new resort collection, the French luxury brand Coperni aims to emphasize the powerful feminine figure. Creative director, Sébastien Meyer presents a plethora of sleek yet show-stopping looks which include jumpsuits, cropped blazers, and slacks.

Courtesy of Coperni

Drawing back to the previous Fall-Winter 2023 collection, the understated nature of this collection is perfect for that type of girl who’s gotten obsessed with quiet luxury ever since the Succession series finale. However, the brand doesn’t let itself fall from understated to boring as they introduce some denim touches to looks. The addition of denim boots and open-hip and knee jeans adds freshness to the collection.

Coperni also debuts two new handbags. The first bag continues with the minimalist approach of the overall collection titled the Folder bag. The other is a callback to the iconic Swipe Bag as it now features a four-sided design. Meant to empower the women who wear it, this resort collection is fresh and fierce. 

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