Playing with mirroring and groupings, Craig Green is re-forming and re-exploring movement through his newest collection. He offers a uniform for the modern adventurer, complete with semi-lifelike and semi-robotic forms that cling and hang from his models.

Jumpsuits, suits, and outdoor gear are offered in sometimes colorful and other times neutral colors; stripes and tassels are embraced in one look and abandoned in the next. Pointed hoods, sculptural ponchos, and quirky hats adorn the brand’s models, preparing them for future space exploration or time travel to the Jurassic period.

Craig Green invites his customer to indulge their inner voyager by adorning his knits, jackets, and matching sets. Quirky padded hats, roomy pockets, and sleek yet practical satchels act as the perfect accessories for a whimsical journey. All colors are welcome, no silhouette is too feminine, and monochrome looks are encouraged.

While some looks seem like they’ve been lifted off the pages of a coloring book, others are delightfully serious and sophisticated, offering something for all types of dressers and aesthetics. Whether you’re wearing Craig Green while trekking through the mountains or taking the metro to work, one thing is for sure; you’re going to need a lot of tassels.

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