Hedi Slimane wants you to meet the voice behind ‘Good Samaritan.’

Creative Director of Celine and longtime V collaborator, Hedi Slimane is heading into the third week of our CreatiVity program. This week, Slimane takes his expertise to the coastal state of Oregon where he is met by a musically-talented freshman. With the help of Quadio —a new social streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the best new college music—this pick of the week is young, confident, and adjusting to an unpredictable change with positivity.

Like many artists, ‘Good Samaritan’ is adapting to COVID-19 by investing this new-found free time back into his music. While Good Samaritan prefers to be referred to as entity rather than an identity, don’t get confused—the band is a one-man show. Everett Biron is the name to remember behind the unique sound the band produces and is currently finishing out his freshman year at the University of Oregon… unfortunately in the comfort of his own home. In good company, Everett Biron continues to apply pressure for his own musical CreatiVity despite the extenuating circumstances. In his own words, “I rely on pressure in order to produce. The way I see it, things are now or never, and I am going to hang on to that feeling and use it as fuel for my artistic process.”

Wise beyond his years 19-years, Brion’s vocal inspiration, instrumental inspiration, and image inspiration is a mature list, providing great insight into who he is as an artist. Growing up on the influence of the 90’s Portland music scene, Good Samaritan’s career took a drastic pivot when his friends introduced him to rap. 

Learn more about how Everett’s upbringing shaped his voice, style, and projects in an official interview that will be featured next week. Check out the song Hedi selected “I Saw You” by Good Samaritan below.

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