CREATIVITY 03 V’s Pick of the Week: Julian Lamadrid

Is New York home to the next big CreatiVity star?

From the United Arab Emirates to the big apple, Quadio radio and now landing the title as CreatiVity 03 pick of the week, Julian Lamadrid is the rising star from New York University. In partnership with Quadio—a new social streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the best new college music—this week we are traveling with Lamadrid through his musical journey.

For 22-year-old Julian Lamadrid, music has always been an escape of sorts. His hometown of Dubai encouraged his rebellious approach to music. He described Dubai as “For the most part, a city lacking heartbeat and genuine culture, it’s a cold, superficial city built for luxury and excess, essentially a luxurious void.”

Channeling this detachment into words, Lamadrid’s music career began in a spunky punk teenage band. With age, his talents matured until he eventually found himself alone in New York City. The artist turned to Celine’s Creative Director and longtime V collaborator, Hedi Slimane as a guide and inspiration. Hoping to reach the same level of CreatiVity as Hedi, listen to “Die Young” below. 

Learn more about Julian, his goals, album plans, and more in an official interview that will be featured next week.

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