CreatiVity 04: Hedi Slimane’s College Music Diaries with Ryan Leahan

Meet Temple University student, Ryan Lenahan

For the fourth week of our CreatiVity program, Creative Director of Celine and longtime V collaborator, Hedi Slimane takes his expertise to Philadelphia with the help of Quadio —a new social streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the best new college music. 

With 3.7 million streams in 2019, and a remix of his single “Violetcoming out May 1st, Temple University student and budding musician Ryan Leahan is one to watch. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter who also goes by the stage name “Blondie” makes alternative pop music with a soul twist. His song “Heatwave” off of his most recent album, Platinum Green is the song that captivated Slimane. Listen to the track below and find out how to submit your music for a chance to be featured on V and VMAN by heading to our submission page

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Check out his song, “Heatwave” below.

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