Creativity 05 VMAN’s Pick of the Week: Silver Cup

The Utah-bred musical trio is next on our radar.

For the fifth installment of our CreatiVity program in partnership with Quadio—a new social streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the best new college music—we’re centering our spotlight on the Utah-native family band Silver Cup.

Consisting of three siblings—19-year-old Hadley Nelson of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, 21-year-old Campbell Nelson of Utah’s Salt Lake Community College, and 24-year-old Logan Nelson of the University of Utah—the trio’s innate bond allows for a melodic melding of each of their individual identities. The band’s latest single “I’m Fine” boasts a pop-oriented sound underscored with skilled instrumentals, a complete arrangement that showcases the musically-inclined family’s high skill level. Moreover, if the new track reaches 100,000 streams, Campbell has pledged to shave his head for the band’s next music video, so I’d say it’s time you listen to Silver Cup’s latest drop, below.

Stay tuned for an interview with the family band, arriving next week.

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