Chicago’s own, Ariana Smith makes her singing debut.

For the 8th installment of our CreatiVity program in partnership with Quadio—a new social streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the best new college music—we’re headed to the Midwest, to meet the Chicago singer-songwriter who just made her career debut.

Ariana Smith has used the creative outlet of music from a young age but as she moved from her world in Chicago to attend school in Maine at Bowdoin College where an appreciation for the natural beauty around her grew. Her best work comes from allowing her heart and soul to flourish into words and with much excitement she has released her first single. “Bridge to You” is a long song for the people with walls. As she continues to break down barriers and walls of her own, she welcomes listeners in to explore their own complicated emotions—some that might otherwise go unexpressed. Only able to go up and bringing glory to God in all she does, we are excited to pick the passionate Ariana Smith as V’s Pick of the Week. Listen to “Bridge to You” down below.

Stay tuned for an interview next week.

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