Creator Labs Returns For Season 6

An in-depth narrative of humanity, diversity and sincerity, the newest season features a talented cast and dynamic stories

Google and SN37 have continued in their partnership with the sixth season of Creator Labs, a visual arts incubator that gives photographers and filmmakers access to resources to create new work about important cultural narratives. This season focuses on identity and community, as the artists reflect on their own personal experiences and incorporate those narratives into their work.

Photo by Myesha Evon Gardner/Courtesy of Creator Labs

Previous Creator Labs Artists Andre D. Wagner, Kennedi Carter, Mayan Toledano, Anthony Prince Leslie, Aidan Cullen, Myles Loftin, Pegah Farahmand,  Texas Isaiah, Tim Kellner, Natalia Mantini, MaryV, Glassface, and June Canedo, present alongside cohort newcomers Shikeith, Micaiah Carter, Coyote Park, Neva Wireko, Zamar Velez, Andy Jackson, Myesha Evon Gardner, Chiara Gabellini, Adrian Octavius Walker, and Lawrence Agyei.

Photo by Mayan Toledano/Courtesy of Creator Labs
Photo by Micaiah Carter/Courtesy of Creator Labs

Shot on the Google Pixel 6, intimate and storied photography and film is brought to life through significant updates made to the phone’s camera. Equipped with Real Tone, an equitable experience is at the forefront of image production, as the advancement authentically highlights the nuances of various skin tones.

Photo by Kennedi Carter/Courtesy of Creator Labs
Photo by Andy Jackson/Courtesy of Creator Labs

A collaborative effort between artists, Creator Labs brings together creatives handpicked for their unique ability to author sincere, concentrated visual essays. Human nature is depicted in all of its truths, as personal artwork and emerging talent are encouraged and celebrated.

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