Crossroads: Brunello Cucinelli Fall/Winter 2022

Inspired by the changing urban world, Cucinelli takes us on a journey of dynamism and exploration. 

As the world continues to change, Brunello Cucinelli is changing with it. Inspired by the “ever-transforming urban world”, Cucinelli Menswear Fall/Winter 2022 collection is looking to find meaning in the crossroads of life. As we shift from the past to modern day, new ideas, ways of dress, and breakings of tradition, welcome freedom. For their latest collection, Cucinelli looks to these ideas, and takes the brand on a journey through elegance to find ways in which to evolve. 

Comfort, dynamism, and softness play an integral role in all fabrics used. They strike a balance between elegance and ease. Seen in the new blazers, the sartorial shapes combine with soft lines to create a refined and modern look. Tactics of modern leisure are employed for the new outerwear lines. Peacoats, down jackets, and other outwear garments are the perfect mix of utility, ruggedness, and softness, thanks to the blend of heavy knits, light toned colors, and leisurely silhouettes. 

The entire collection is based on the principle of classic comfort. Cucinelli researched which fabrics and materials would provide for high quality comfort and lightness. The search resulted in the use of cashmere, superfine wools, baby camel fibers, suede, nappa leather, and shearlings. Patters played just as integral of a role. Classic chalk stripes, tweed, houndstooth and Prince of Wale play into the traditional and heritage aspects of Cucinelli’s brand. When combined with the new fabrics and materials, the brand reimagines what traditional dress can be. 

Knitwear finds a home in the new range. It serves as the “beating heart” of the Crossroads collection. Trickling down from outwear into footwear, the knits create a sense of home and familiarity. Cucinelli uses different chiné and vanisé techniques, jacquard inlays, embroidery and combinations of stitches to diversify each look. These wardrobe staples offer a staple for every occasion, but adds new techniques and designs to add a modern take on tradition. 

Overall, Cucinelli’s Menswear collection for Fall/Winter 2022 creates new opportunities for old styles. By elevating heritage looks, such as suits, to adding a comfortability aspect to modern day dress, through knitwear paired with formal wear, Cucinelli is changing the game. High fashion does not have ot be uncomfortable, nor does comfortibility have to come at an unfashionable cost.


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