CryptoKickers Introduces New Platform To Create and Sell Virtual Sneakers

This will change the game of sneaker resell forever

Courtesy of Nice Kicks

CryptoKickers has just announced that you can soon create, customize and mint your own NFT sneakers. Even though the NFT market has just crashed, it’s not stopping CryptoKickers from diving into all the possibilities the market has to offer. 

Apparently, this market is not so different from the resell market that sneaker enthusiasts love. Gucci is one of the first fashion houses to create and sell a pair of virtual sneakers: it sold for a modest price of $3.1 million USD in just seven minutes. 

Selling virtual sneakers is just touching the surface of what these fashion houses can do with NFT. Films have been made by these fashion houses, including Gucci, for the virtual fashion world. 

NBA veteran, Wilson Chandler, made history by signing the first-ever completely virtual shoe deal with CryptoKickers and he definitely won’t be the last. It is the first ever shoe designed specifically for balling in the metaverse.

Courtesy of SLAM Kicks. Wilson Chandler NFT sneakers.

Now, CryptoKickers is inviting everyone into their virtual reality game by introducing a platform where you can create, customize, and mint your own NFT sneakers. The platform makes it easy for people to get involved. Using the blockchain Solana and built in collaboration with Metaplex, the sneakers are 100% owned by you. 

You’re allowed to do whatever you want with the sneakers and resell them on the same marketplace, on Hodl or Airdrop. 

If you’re interested to join or learn more about this new resell game, go to


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