Cult Gaia And Bratz New Collaborative Collection Is Here

Calling all Cult Gaia and Bratz fans! The two are set to release their new collection line in honor of both brand’s anniversaries.

Was this the collaboration you saw coming in this new year? As part of Bratz’s 21st birthday and Cult Gaia’s 10th anniversary, the pair will join forces for a new collection. The ready-to-wear line also includes accessories and features Y2k elements that fuse with Cult Gaia’s classic and daring essence. The brands which have been widely recognized for their fashion forward influence prior to and during social media’s prominence, continue their ascendancy on contemporary styles in this modern age. The collection re-imagines Cult Gaia’s signature Serita dress in snakeskin and mesh bright hues. It also introduces body-hugging flares, structured and hardware-adorned crop tops, embroidery and jeweled chainmail ready-to-wear, along with platform, embossed leather mules and booties, bold bucket hats, gold jewelry and carry-everywhere bags.

Cult Gaia founder and Bratz Creative Director Jasmin Larain attributes the impact these dolls had on her childhood and desire to make designs of her own. Creating miniature ones of her own served as the start of her design journey with sewing, pattern making, and sketching. In an interview with Forbes last year September, Larain opened up about how she cultivated her fashion design gravitations when asked by Kristen Shirley if she was always interested in the occupation. “My mom is a sculptor and used to be a fashion designer, so I’ve been surrounded by design and creativity since childhood,” she shared. “As a kid, my mom and I would collect these gorgeous vintage fabrics that someday, I knew I’d use to help create and inspire a line of my own. My dad ran the toy company that started Bratz dolls and I grew up designing miniature collections for each of the dolls, which really set the wheels in motion for me.” When attending Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion design, she’d make “goddess-inspired flower crowns” her and her friends would sport around the city to which strangers took an interest to and were eager to purchase.

A decade later, Jasmin launched one of the most sought-after ready-to-wear and accessories brands and now collaborated with one embedded in her roots.

Cult Gaia and Bratz releases today, March 9th exclusively on Cult Gaia’s official website.

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