Cult Gaia’s Creative Director, Jasmin Larian Shares Inspiration Behind Her New Collection

Her designs will make you want to twirl on the wind and explore the intricate details.

Creative director and founder of Cult Gaia, Jasmin Larian, is without a doubt, a designer of Objet d’Art. Illustrated flawlessly through her famous quote, “If you can’t put it on your coffee table or bookshelf as a beautiful object to look like at…it’s not Cult Gaia.” The carefully curated collections and aesthetically pleasing products are almost always leading the latest fashion trends, while seen on the likes of it-girls Hailey Bieber, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Candice Swanepoel. 

And noticeably, at Cult Gaia’s core lies the inspiration of both women and nature. But the latest collection from Cult Gaia is a perfect culmination of such, as it pays homage to 1960s Japan — specifically wabi-sabi

Briefly put, wabi-sabi is described as one of beauty, that is imperfect in addition to the practice of simplicity. Jasmin perfectly explained the philosophy to V, and how it has become a defining principle in the creation of her products. When you look at all the most beautiful things in the world and in nature, it is perfect in its imperfection. It’s soul – perfection is sterile and cold. I also believe timeless pieces are artful but obvious in their restraint,” said the creative. 

The garments in this collection explore an open-ended space for women and their changing roles as time progresses. Made for a woman that is one part-day, night, caretaker, and rebel — in other words, unable to be placed in a box. Overall, the designs aren’t over-designed and there is a simple color palette of warm creams, browns, and ginger. The intention behind this allows for the “eye focus on the details.” But the textured fabric offers the key element of surprise featured on all Cult Gaia pieces, as it wraps the body in clean lines while also allowing for movement. 

Always seeking to make pieces that move, she explained how the way the clothes come to life as they flutter in the wind is the X factor. Larian concluding, “It’s emotional because it leaves more to be discovered than just a garment. She comes alive.”

To start shopping the lively collection, click here and see down below. 

Courtesy of Cult Gaia.

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