Curtis Waters Drops New Single “Freckles”

Yet another refreshing and honest gem from the Nepal-born artist.

Following the release of his global streaming hit “Stunnin’” feat. Harm Franklin, the politically charged “System” and heartfelt “The feelings tend to stay the same,” rising Nepal-born artist Curtis Waters is here with yet another refreshing and honest gem. Dubbed “Freckles,” the track, fully written and produced by Waters himself, debuted on Zane Lowe’s New Beats 1 Daily Music show and is out on all music streaming platforms starting today.

“I made this song because I felt inspired by an old friend I met at the mental hospital.” Waters reveals. “After I left college, I was home for a few months trying to get back to shape and I reconnected with this girl just to catch up on how life had been since then. She was telling me about all the crazy and tragic stuff that had happened since I last saw her and how she had fallen back into old habits and was struggling again. But even through all of that, she was still happy and hopeful about the future and was telling me about her career goals. I felt moved by her, so I came home that day, made the beat and wrote the intro and chorus to freckles.”

Born in Nepal, migrating to Germany and then relocating to Calgary before finally settling in North Carolina with his family at age 17, Waters never really felt like he ‘fit in.’ Wanting to escape from suburban life and his own mental health struggles, he found a sort of creative escape in writing poetry and doing graphic design. He eventually thought himself how to make beats and produce music using YouTube tutorials, earning money at age 14 by selling his beats to artists he met on SoundCloud until realizing he should work on his own musical projects. Now, with millions of global streams and critical acclaim, he is slated to be one of the most exciting artists to break in 2020.

His debut album Pity Party is due for a release in October, with more details coming soon. Take a listen to Waters’ newly released single below:

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