“Cuz I Love You” is Lizzo at Her Finest

This Valentine’s Day, the superstar gifts us with the title single from her forthcoming album.

Following the release of her anthemic single “Juice” and North American tour announcement which sold out in literally minutes, Lizzo continues to slay and has made the entire world her Valentine with the drop of the title track from her forthcoming album, “Cuz I Love You.” A musician whose star-worthy essence is seemingly unmatched, Lizzo shows a more potently emotional part of herself in this epic soulful bop and V are here for it!

At the top of the track, the powerhouse spits witty yet honest lyrics like “Got you somethin’ from the liquor store / Little bit of Lizzo and some more / Tryin’ to open up a little more / Sorry if my heart a little slow“, eventually climaxing towards her crooning epically alongside a sexy guitar lick “cuz I love you!

A performer whose career is climbing its highest mountain to date, Lizzo’s voice is boldly reclaiming the power of unapologetic freedom and self-love, leaving any industry approval at the door. If there is one artist in the spotlight at this given moment you should not be sleeping on, it’s this big grrrl who is living her best life in this small world. Lizzo, you are that bitch and V love you!

Listen to Lizzo’s single “Cuz I Love You” and watch her new video below:


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