Cyborgs are Real

Cyborgs are Real

Cyborgs are Real

Text: Matthew Pipes

MOCAtv debuts new video series, Performativity, this week. The collection of 12 artist submissions is curated by Katerina Llanes, who credits Judith Butler as inspiration for an exhibit focusing on "the language of the body to construct and re-construct identity."

The works are split into two distinct segments; CORPOREAL and CYBER. Llannes explains this duality: "Through the process of viewing, I recognized a divide between artists who were thinking about the body in its physicality and those who were interested in a digital re-rendering of bodies in space. CORPOREAL examines the speaking body through its citation of cultural and social signifiers. CYBER explores the interplay of technology and self in a post-internet landscape."

The crown jewel of the exhibit is a breathtaking piece by androgynous San Franscisco performance artist, boychild (CYBER). During the LA screening, when most videos ended with politically correct silence from the crowd, boychild's stunning clip brought the usually withholding audience to ruckus applause. I guess we in fact haven't seen everything yet.

Click through to see a selection of the videos, and go to MOCAtv to view the rest.


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