Da Baby Remixes Dua Lipa’s “Levitating”

Here to set up the perfect Friday mood is Da Baby and Dua Lipa in their new music video.

“Levitating” was first released with Dua Lipa’s albumĀ Future Nostalgia, having been previously remixed by Madonna and Missy Elliot. The latest version of the track was remixed by Da Baby, who stars alongside Dua Lipa, a handful of Tik Tokers, and roller skating backup dancers in a music video that dropped on Friday directed by Warren Fu.

To crowdsource ideas for the video’s concept, Dua Lipa set up a “challenge” and received 150,000 videos via Tik Tok of makeup looks and dance moves.

Watch the perfect way to celebrate Friday with the “Levitate” music video down below.



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