Daisies and Stripes For Marni Spring 2022

Gender fluidity, body positivity, and racial diversity, we have every reason to fall in love with Marni’s newest show

When fashion shows flourish during fashion week, Marni’s Spring 2022 show is set to be different. For starters, Francesco Risso and his team asked guests and performers to wear a special Marni uniform – an uncycled cotton garment that has hand paintings and colorful stripes – as a way to celebrate the end of the digital focus of the job during the lockdown. He told Vogue, “[this idea] “was about going back to the practice of what we do, which is making clothes for people, one to one.”

In the show, you can see models – who have belly fat, who don’t have supermodel’s arms, and who look exactly like us – glorified in Marni’s newest garments. For Spring 2022, Marni transformed a fashion show into a manifesto: regardless of body shapes, skin colors, and genders, beauty is a diversified concept. At this point, are you still bothered by your quarantine belly?

Daisies and stripes are dominant elements of the season. While colorful stripes render some exuberance, daisies surely add child-like vibes and fantasies to the overall tone. Shaggy cardigan, oversized blazers, baggy caftans – you may find them a bit quirky, but you have to admit they’re aesthetic and fun. 

This fringed off-shoulder knitwear is wild but delicate. Crop tube tops are not women’s privileges anymore. These pieces blur the concept of gender, welcoming all genders to hop on any piece. After all, beauty is about pleasing yourself. 

When it comes to Daisy, Francesco builds us a garden of whimsical dreams. Under his design, the garments have become a collage of daisy blossoms. Daisies, in different colors and patterns, are patched tightly together on fabrics, creating exotic and one-of-a-kind sets and dresses. 

You can watch the full show here:

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