Damien Hirst X The Row

Damien Hirst X The Row

Photography: Just One Eye

Text: Natasha Stagg

We've been waiting for CFDA darlings, tiny moguls and beloved child stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to take The Row to another level since their cashmere Toms shoes. Noted as a shockingly wearable and chic line, with no traces of the girls's other, less expensive products, or even of irony, The Row looked like it was headed in a less commercial direction, focused on the highest of high end for young women.

It makes sense, then, that The Row's latest collaboration is with the artist with the expensive taste and name, Damien Hirst. Hirst loves self-appropriation, as we've all noticed after his diamond-studded skull went more than viral. We've seen the themes of these black patent and crocodile leather backpacks—pills and gold spots—from Hirst before, but not on this cute of an accessory, available through Just One Eye.


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