Dance For Me

Dance For Me

Photography: Haley Wollens

Text: Natasha Stagg

Of course we're obsessed with the new Jessie Ware and BenZel video for "If You Love Me." On top of the song's devastating throwback hook (it's a cover of the song by 1990s girl group, Brownstone), a blown-out video features era-less outfits on a pole dancing angel and an onlooker capturing the subway-car performance on a phone. The last shot references, intentionally or not, the last scene of the similarly color-corrected 1997 cult classic Gummo, taking place in that ever-transformative, ever-sexy location: the swimming pool.

Directed by one of our favorite stylists, Haley Wollens, who directed the video for Blood Orange's "Champagne Coast" earlier this year, we're going to go ahead and approve her sophmore effort in the hopes to see many more fashion stories and videos like this one to come.


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