Dance to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s New Hit, “Rain On Me”

The second release from the ‘Chromatica’ album just landed.

Lady Gaga has invited us and Ariana Grande into the world of Chromatica, revealing the 2nd project released from the unearthly album. Early in April, Lady Gaga regrettably postponed her Chromatica release due to COVID-19. Now with just one more week until the official release on May 29th, anticipation is growing.

The new track titled “Rain on Me” is undeniably the anthem to jam to, dance to, and yeseven cry to. Combining all the emotions we’ve honestly experienced while in quarantine, the two pop stars enjoy the uplifting beat and shared the spotlight exchanging powerful call-to-action verses. As the beat continues to build, the chorus finally explodes into an epic and high-energy dance party. Lady Gaga openly expressed the emotions she felt upon the release of her single via Twitter, “If we’re gonna cry we’re gonna cry together, but we’re gonna dance while we do it.”

In addition to giving us the pop hit for summer 2020 while in quarantine, this collaboration had another special breakthrough moment. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s celebrity friendship blossomed, now the two are an unbreakable Gaga-Granda duo. As “Rain on Me” follows the release of “Stupid Love,” there are still 14 songs left to explore. Are you ready to enter the world of Chromatica?

See the official music video “Rain on Me” below.

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